Perhaps it is not clear from the posts to date which diet I’m following. So let’s summarise the rules here. I’m following Tim Ferriss’s Slow-Carb Diet - more or less.

  1. Don’t eat starchy carbs such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and grains. Avoid 
  2. Eat similar meals consisting of meat, fish, eggs with vegetables, salad and legumes
  3. Don’t drink alcohol (although 250ml of dry wine is okay)
  4. Don’t eat fruit (fructose). Avoid dairy products (lactose), although some cheese will not do any harm, nor will butter.
  5. Have a cheat day every week where you break the rules.

Under normal circumstances I find this diet easy to follow. If I go our to a restaurant I order steak and vegetables. If I want fast food I go Mexican and have a rice-less Chipotle bowl. Nando’s, without the chips or mash, is also good.

I have a cheat day on Saturdays usually, although if we want to go somewhere for dinner on a Sunday, I swap.

But I find sticking to the rules when I travel by air. One either has to have the cheat day on the travel days, which is a waste, or fast on the flight.

As a result, I’m allowing myself 4 “passes” for such days. I also allow myself passes for national holidays where is awkward to move the cheat day.