• The Rules

    Perhaps it is not clear from the posts to date which diet I’m following. So let’s summarise the rules here. I’m following Tim Ferriss’s Slow-Carb Diet - more or less.

  • First Week. First Results.

    I had hoped to post sooner. But it was not to be. I’ve had a reasonable start to the new diet. More or less, I’m doing enough to get going. Here are the statistics:

  • Start Again. Try Harder. Take Longer.

    I started this year with good intentions. I intended to diet, write and exercise. Well, it was not to be. In February, I followed Lent. One meal a day (OMAD), no alcohol, no carbs except on Sunday. By the end of March, my weight was 83.5kg and my clothes were comfortable. And then we went to Miami.

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