I have finished the second week of the diet. Well at least the second week that I’m telling you about. And more or less it has been a good week for food. But not for drink.

Certain foods and drinks are “domino foods”. If you start eating or drinking them, there is a tendency to eat more. Nuts can be very moreish and wine can be very moreish.

I’ve had a drink every day this week. Discipline was in play to start with and only had 250ml. Every evening I had the wine with a piece of 100% chocolate.

On Wednesday I poured a second small glass taking me to 375ml. On Thursday I recorded a podcast and decided to celebrate afterwards. Let’s just say I drank more than 375ml. I took Friday off to work on the house. A friend came to visit and we opened in the wine. Oh dear.

Unfortunately I’ve not made any progress this week as a result. Next week I have to travel and this usually stops progress as well. Once I’m back, I will have to knuckle down and be more disciplined.