It’s a difficult time of year for dieting. There are Christmas parties and social occasions. These parties usually involve booze and food.

Last weekend I went on an impromtu break in Amsterdam to see some friends. I paused the diet. I had three days of carbs and alcohol. Nothing too excessive, but enough to knock me off balance. I also had a long walk around the city, but that was not enough to counter the intake.

Since the weekend I’ve got back on the wagon again. But I’ve felt a bit under par. I have not been on the exercise bike in the mornings. I will start again tomorrow.

Other than that, since Monday I’ve had a Green week. I drank a glass of wine last night and then split the rest of the bottle with my wife. This means I had 375ml which takes me to an Amber. I suspect I will do the same today.

But this weekend I have not eaten any carbs and I have not had a cheat day. I’m going out to dinner tomorrow night and will have a cheat day on Monday. This is unusual. Then I will be my work’s Christmas dinner on Wednesday, so I need to give myself a pass.

It’s possible that next weekend I will diet through it. If I don’t, I’m unlikely to make any progress until after New Year.

Here are the stats this week. There is little progress on weight loss despite evidence of ketosis.