Since I last wrote, I’ve written a prescription to myself to have a break. I had three work Christmas meals in December and it was too much for me. And since the 19th, I’ve been rather relaxed about what I eat.

I have not taken a weight measurement for some time but I suspect I am in the 90s. Forget ketosis.

So I will need to start again in the New Year. I will start on 3rd January. This is what I will do:

  1. One meal a day. The rules are clear. You eat one meal a day towards the end of the day.
  2. No starchy carbs at the meal except for one day a week (usually Saturday or Sunday)
  3. Bulletproof coffee in the morning doesn’t count as a meal
  4. Exercise. Either 30 minutes on the exercise bike, a swim or 1 hour walk.
  5. Fresh air required daily

I’m granting myself a day off on the 20th January, when I have a prearranged food gathering.

Let’s see how far I get this time. If I do well, I will attempt to continue in February and then switch to a more regular low carb diet in March.