My progress continues to be good. My weight measurements today are the lowest since December. Given the sudden drop today, I’m expecting them to go up a bit this week and the normalise.

The problem is I’m a little tired of dieting, as I wrote earlier in the week. The commitment of having to get on an exercise bike every day when I’m busy with work is tedious. But I’m trying to make it more interesting. Last night I got on the exercise bike and watched Reacher at the same time. It was a little tough cycling whilst Reacher was interrogating an enemy in a hospital bed. But the time passed faster whilst I cycled.

What I’m failing at is getting fresh air every day. I’m not sleeping well as a result and I need to do something about this.

Today I will go for a long walk by the sea. That will be my exercise and my dog’s. Then I will have a massive take away of Fish and Chips, with trimmings. And a dessert. This will be my cheat meal of the week. I suspect I will have this early afternoon, rather than towards the end of the day. But this will be the reboot I need.

By the way, you can see a summary of statistics and meals I’ve eaten on this page.