As I’ve written before, I was definitely relaxed towards my diet since September. After my trip to San Francisco, I was not able to get back on the horse. But actually it was worse than that.

I’ve been looking at the statistics. The last time I was below 80kg was in November 2021. I recorded 79.9kg with a fat percentage of 19.2%.

Recapping 2021, I had followed one meal a day during Lent. It was easy as we were isolating due to Covid. I was able to cycle 80km in a fasted state. Then I fractured my shoulder. I continued on the diet and the weight didn’t come back, despite the obvious lack of exercise.

Around May 2022, I was relatively fit. I was cycling. I did a local bike ride and was overtaking the other cyclists. Later the same day, I got on an aeroplane to Singapore and the trip seemed to knock me for six. I struggled to get back into a normal routine for a few weeks.

And in 2023, I started the year well. I followed a diet strictly for most of Lent. Then a trip to Miami and New York knocked me for six too.

If I look at my records, there is evidence of lots of cheat days, breaks and lack of discipline. Anyway, I’m pleased to say that this is not the case in January 2024. I’ve recorded a “green” month, more or less. I missed an exercise session and I had one large glass of wine. Oh dear.

I need to keep going in February. This is when I will start to see real progress. If I don’t then I’m doing something wrong.

Yesterday I had a cheat meal. We started with Focaccia (made last Saturday) with olive oil. Then we had lamb chops, potatoes gratin and greens. I then carb-bombed it with three pancakes and fruit salad. When I was following the Slow-Carb diet last year, this dessert would have been my breakfast. Now I have to sneak them into my one meal eating window.

Here’s the unexpected thing. This morning I’m still in ketosis, measuring 1.5mmol/l. Let’s see how February goes.