I regret to inform that my keto buddy has failed in her task of keeping on the straight and narrow this month. For the purposes of this blog entry, we will call her Petunia. And she has been drinking.

So the story starts like this. I pop into the office this week to see my colleagues and after work, there are some office drinks. So far so good. I take the San Pellegrino water. And there is Petunia on the crisps.

Chris: “How’s the diet going, Petunia?”
Petunia: “Oh my God, I’m so hungover. I’ve got to eat starch.”
Chris: “And those are keto crisps… right?” (no hint of sarcasm)
Petunia: “eerrrrr”

There we are ladies and gentleman. The compound effect of slackness, excessive alcohol and the consequences afterwards.

It’s possible to drink dry wine on a diet. Up to 250ml of dry wine will not usually affect weight loss. In the first month or two, you need to cut it out so that your body can get going. And wine is a domino food. It’s very easy to pour another and another again. And once the body has too much, there is a tendency to compensate with bad food.

I’ve been there too. It’s why I’ve given up alcohol (more or less) until Easter.

Petunia is trying to get back on track this month.