I got up yesterday, went to the shop and bought croissants. I had them for breakfast with scrambled eggs, coffee and grapefruit juice. They were awful. The “fresh” croissants in the shop were not fresh. In fact, they were probably made last week in a bakery miles away. So I bought a packet and that was a mistake. Once you’ve had fresh ones in Paris, the experience is not the same.

Later on in the day I had pan-fried salmon, vegetables and mashed potato. It’s a sign that at this stage of life such a meal is a cheat meal.

In the evening, I had pancakes with golden syrup, sugar and lemon juice. Afterwards I felt awful. My throat felt tight. I felt sick. And I ended up going to bed at 8:30pm. I could not concentrate on any book.

I appear to have a slight sore throat so it could be that I’m ill anyway. But I was having a reaction to the food I ate. Even my dogs sensed something. They have been attempting to cuddle me all night.

Needless to say, I have 0 ketones in my system today and my weight is up a bit. I will get back on the wagon, but the break was not the pleasure that I expected. I had hoped it would prepare me for the next few weeks up to Easter.

By the way, you should not as a rule take your pets with you to bed. Dogs develop anxiety issues and need a bit of separation. One of ours is ill at the moment and the other is settling in to our house. That’s my excuse. But it can be dangerous for pets - particularly goldfish.