I’m feeling a little under par again. So last night I reset myself with a beef overload. In the picture there is 500g of beef mince with stir fry vegetables. Also there’s a two egg omelette hiding underneath everything.

When I started to lose weight seriously in 2011, I was suffering with steamed chicken and fish. Then my personal trainer reminded my about stir fries. They are easy to make and they are healthy. I only have the protein and the vegetables. If you are working out, you can have rice or noodles. But I’m trying to lose weight, so I omit them.

I regret this week’s carb bomb on Shrove Tuesday, but long term it hasn’t done any harm. I’ve lost weight again and as of today I have under 19kg of fat. Here are the stats:

Unfortunately I’m suffering from insomnia and I don’t know why. Despite exercising, some nights I cannot get to sleep until gone 2am. I guess that there’s a lot of stuff ticking around in my brain at the moment.