Is that the correct phrase? Should I hyphenate it? Should it be a word? I’m not sure it’s important. Anyway, I measured roughly 8 mmol/l this morning for ketones which is unexpectedly high. I was also informed this week that I have acetone breath. I haven’t been eating nail varnish - this is another sign of ketosis.

My weight continues to descend in the right direction. Yesterday I was below 85kg. This morning I’ve slipped above. Unfortunately the reading hasn’t uploaded from my scales, so you’ll have to wait for it. But here is a summary of the week:

Every day I keep a separate diet diary and I attempt to update this site once a week. But I don’t have much to report, other than things are going well. So I need to keep this up until Easter.

This week I am travelling, so I have the challenge of eating well whilst moving around. I have a plan for Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. I have contingencies for Tuesday and Thursday, but they are not great. Perhaps I need to give myself a pass on one of those days and have some carbs.

What happened to Petunia I hear you cry? Well she is currently in Paris so I expect she is working her way through a couple of croissants. And don’t forget the wine list. I will hear about the damage on Monday no doubt.