Top-down, there was nothing wrong with the previous week for dieting. But the truth is I have been ill. There is a horrible bug going around now.

At some point late on Monday night, I felt physically sick and couldn’t sleep. I had to stay in bed most of Tuesday. I was feverish and had aches and pains. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I didn’t eat anything on Tuesday. On Wednesday I began to feel better, had something to eat and then was sick. I took Lemsips to counteract the pain. By Thursday I was human again.

On Thursday I managed to eat and keep the food down. On Friday I was back to normal with an appetite.

I’ve unfortunately not had much in the way of exercise. But my chest is feeling tight and I think the next stage is a cough. Fabulous. As I type this, I’m about to take the dogs out for a long walk. And anyone nearby will probably hear a lot of coughing and spluttering.

The upside is from a dieting perspective it’s been a successful week… I would have preferred to have been healthier though. I didn’t measure anything on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I found myself in mega-ketosis at 12mmol/l. Of course, taking readings with ketosis strips is hit and miss. But there was a lot of ketones flowing around me.

This morning, I recorded a weight of 83kg. This is a comfortable weight for me. I should be around 80kg, so I need to keep going until Easter. Then I can take a day or two off and follow a low-carb diet indefinitely.