As I wrote last week, I’ve flatlined. Oh well. It would be nice to break the 82kg barrier before the end of Lent, but I doubt I will.

The most important thing for me is that I am more comfortable in my clothes. And this is for a good reason.

Here are my body measurements. I’ve only taken three sets since November because I find it tedious.

cm 20/11/23 17/02/24 23/03/24
Bicep Left 31.5 32.30 32.5
Thigh Left 51 52.50 50
Upper waist 107 103.5 99.5
Lower waist 101 (39.8”) 97.5 (38.1”) 95 (37.4”)

My waist size is much smaller than in November last year. I’ve lost 7cm in the middle of my stomach area and 6cm (2”) below it. My lower waist is roughly 37”. There’s still room for improvement but it’s no wonder that my jeans fit again.

I’ve switched my cheat day to tomorrow this week. And this will be the last post on “One Meal a Day”. Phew.

So what lies ahead then? On Good Friday I will take the day off. I will take it easy over the weekend and break my diet again on Monday. On Tuesday after Easter I will start a new set of rules, which I will post later in the week.

Happy Easter folks.