I had a blow-out on Easter Monday. I took a complete break, had plenty of carbs and plenty of wine too. But on Tuesday I got straight back onto the wagon. Since then I’ve been eating two low-carb meals a day. I’ve also made sure I walk or get on the exercise bike five times a week. And I do some light weight training three times a week.

I’m back in ketosis, but I’m not seeing any weight change. I’m not particularly bothered by this, but I would like to lose a bit more.

Yesterday, I had a cheat day. We got up early, drove to the coast and had a long walk with the dogs. Then we drove to the New Forest and had a large lunch. I had one glass of wine.

The sea air and the walk exhausted me. I was in bed early. In the week ahead I have two nights out planned. And there will be wine on both. I can foresee that I will break the “one glass of wine per week” rule.

At the end of April, I will review my progress. If I think that I’m slipping, I will adjust my approach.