Oh dear. I had a bit of a disaster from a diet perspective this week. I went out two nights in a row. And I drank red wine. I’m not going to tell you how much, but it was enough.

The problem with red wine is that if there is a surplus of it available it is difficult to stop. Nuts and crisps are similar. If they are there in front of you, you can end up munching endlessly.

On Tuesday I was at a Comedy Show. I’ve been to these before and not had alcohol but the shows are not as funny (strange that?). On Wednesday I met some of the NetBSD crew and had a meal out. I’ve done it before but I find it hard to avoid drink at such occasions.

My weight has plateaued between 82 and 83kg but the fat has more or less stayed off.

The week ahead involves travelling and one night out. For that day, I have given myself a “pass”. When dieting, I allow myself 4 of these a year. I will be dining in a French restaurant, but will take the opportunity to have croissants earlier in the day. (I know. Rock on right?)

I’m considering flipping back to one meal a day in May… and no alcohol. Let’s see how this week goes.