It was a disruptive week for me. I flew to Zurich on Sunday evening, stayed in Zug for two days and then took the train to Paris on Tuesday. Then I managed to get sick. I still have a sore throat. There’s yet another bug going around. It is making me tired and (more) grumpy.

On Wednesday evening I took a break from the diet. I have four passes to use this year whilst dieting. I also allow myself a day off on feast holidays. I used my pass to have some croissants in the morning and a dinner in the evening. I managed to order a “Pain au Suisse” in a bakery in French and my French colleagues found me stuffing my face with it when they arrived at the office.

Over the course of the week, I socialised quite a bit and this inevitably involved red wine. So I’ve completely broken my rules on alcohol this week. Despite all this, I weighed in this morning under 82kg. Perhaps a break occasionally is a good thing.

It’s key that I don’t get complacent. In May I will only travel once to Zurich and I will have to be stricter with the dieting.

(Purple denotes a “pass” in the table. I could not take weight measurements whilst travelling. Also I have not decided whether to cheat today or tomorrow yet.)