April has not been a good month for progress. Most of the numbers have flatlined. Or I suppose you could say they have stabilised. The key differences are the reintroduction of alcohol and a second meal.

Now the second meal has made life a bit easier. Just having one meal a day can be tough. I’ve been able to do a small amount of weight training three days a week. And obviously I have not been as hungry.

I drank wine to socialise. I’ve had a couple of nights out this month and it has had an unexpected consequence. On the train from Zurich to Paris a week or so ago, I didn’t want to get anything done. It was late in the evening and the day felt over. I had a similar experience on the Eurostar home. Back in February though, the same trips were productive.

Then I looked at my writing statistics. In March, I managed almost 40 hours of writing. I did a working week of something else on top of a day job and Russian lessons. In April I managed about 8 hours. Admittedly I’ve added French lessons into the mix, but I have not been able to get much done in the evenings.

So in May, I will cut back a bit and see how it goes.