Yeah. April could have been better. We groaned about it last week (I’m using the Royal We of course). Let’s not groan about it again. Here are the graphs:

Increasing to two meals a day and allowing alcohol has caused my weight loss to stop. I get that I cannot lose weight forever but it was a bit disappointing.

More disappointing was the lack of control, particularly in the booze department. So this month will be different starting from Saturday. The rules for May from the 5th are:

  1. One meal a day, six days a week. No starchy carbs, sugars, etc
  2. One cheat day a week (usually Saturday or Sunday).
  3. Bulletproof coffee in the morning.
  4. Exercise five times a week. Either 30 minutes on the exercise bike, a swim or one hour walk.
  5. Light weight training three times a week.
  6. Alcohol is not allowed.

except, I have a trip in the middle of May and I will need some lenience on rules 1, 5 and 6. I will burn passes as needed.