I had hoped to post sooner. But it was not to be. I’ve had a reasonable start to the new diet. More or less, I’m doing enough to get going. Here are the statistics:

My first week ended on the 9th September. I weighed in at 87.2kg before embarking on a cheat day. Usually Saturdays are my cheat days but I move them around if the need arises. Inevitably, the weight rises after a cheat day, but I’m not worried by this. The weight will reduce eventually.

Last weekend I weighed in at 86.9kg, so the trend is going in the right direction. But it will take days before I see any progress.

A word of explanation on the colours. Green means compliant, Yellow means a minor misdemeanour and Red means a violation. Blue denotes a designated cheat day.

For the diet, compliance means that I’ve only eaten food allowed on the Slow-Carb diet. That is, protein, fat, green vegetables, legumes.

For alcohol, compliance means at most 250ml of dry wine. Yellow usually means I’ve drunk half a bottle. Red means I’ve exceeded further (which could be only two 250ml glasses). On cheat days, I usually allow myself more.

I aim to have at least 2 litres of water a day.