I’ve had a successful week. I travelled to Zug and Paris, and managed to stay on the diet. I flew to Zurich, got the train to Zug and after 2 days got the train to Paris. I returned on the Eurostar on Thursday night. Here are the statistics. There were no scales at the hotels, so no weight measurements.

In Zug there are some places I know where I can get a steak, eggs and salad with no questions asked. The most difficult part of the trip was Paris. The food is too good and playing with the menu is difficult. But we ended up at a Thai restaurant where I had a steak and vegetables.

I took some MCT oil with me and had a bulletproof coffee every morning in the hotel restaurant. This is simply coffee, butter and the oil.

The problems occur on the days when I travel. The food on airplanes and trains is not great for dieting. I have a “fall-back” option if I cannot find anything or I’m unsure of what will be available. I go to McDonalds or Burger King, order 2-3 large burgers without the sauce and bun. I supplement this with a salad. Unfortunately I had to do this three times, once on each travel day. In two cases, the staff queried the lack of bread. In fact, in Paris I had to use my schoolboy French: “Je ne mange pas pain, madame.

We got there in the end. I’m getting sick of the fall-back trick. But I’m on a diet so I must treat food as fuel and nothing else. Next time I’m in Paris, I will arrange a cheat day to ease the monotony.

What of Petunia I hear you cry? Well I ran into her in Zug and she was at the steak dinner we had. I observed from the other end of the table as she guiltily wolfed down a risotto. The wine waiter was at her end of the table frequently. Towards the end of the evening, I succumbed to a glass myself. I didn’t drink more than 250ml but I should not have had any. It’s Petunia’s fault.

"I'm so getting back on keto on Friday", Petunia 28th Feb 2024

The reality is that 250ml of dry red wine does not usually impact weight loss and it hasn’t this week. I’ve had 750ml of wine since 3rd January, so I’m doing well. But my rule was not to drink in Lent. Oh well.

Anyway, you wanted graphs and here they are. Here is my progress in February. Everything is going in the right direction.

Weight loss:

Fat loss: